"This is a FREE On Demand Training. There Are No Cost, But Webinar Is Limited To The First 100 People" 

"The 3 Step System I'm Using 
To Radically Walk Out My Calling  
( Without College, Religious Retreats, Or Going Around The Mountain Again Trying To Figure It Out)"
Free Class This Thursday 6PM PST
Special Webclass
This Week With
Special Webclass
This Week With
Only 100 Live
Spots Available
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Only 100 Live Spots Available To Attend (Register Now)

On This Free Webinar Class, 

I Will Go Behind The Scenes Of How To Find Your People The Kingdom WaY...Whether It's Highly Successful Actors, Politician's or Entrepreneurs.

you will also uncover...

Secret #1:
How to have crazy success in your calling without any special skills or abilities...

Secret #2:
How to accomplish your calling no matter how big or how many mistakes you made or make...

Secret #3
How Calling = Money And The Kingdom Way To Cash In...

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here's what others are saying...


Wow I've heard this so many times however something just clicked and I clearly understood it this time

~ Norma

Life changing, So many tools to use in every part of my life...You will never know how much this has turned my life around. Everything was wonderful I learned so much and my life has changed. 

~ Kathy

Thank you so much jo'El... this has truly been a blessing.

~ Cynthia

I was literally praying, God I don't want to rush ahead of you. Please forgive me for trying to do things in my own strength. I want to do things your way. Then I seen this!

~ April

Blessing my life as we speak.

~ Wil

This is good. Sho nuff good like a 4 course meal!!

~ Brian

I am beyond blessed to have been a part of this. He has awakening back my spirit, open my eyes and my heart to receive much more than my expectations. Jesus continues to reveal Himself in my life. Thank you Lord for this door that has opened. 

~ Ana

jo'EL thank you so much for walking in your calling. Lighting a fire for the Kingdom!

~ Cheryl

jo'EL thanks for your leadership along the way. I pray that everything you poured out with be replenished with something greater. I pray for overflow.

~ Heidi 

Whoa! This is packed full of wisdom! Honor! Humbling! Phew!

~ Jeremie


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"Is This For Me...?"

Lemme Ask You This:

About How Long Could You Stay Away From Work Before Your Finances Collaspe?
"i could leave for a month..."
"maybe a week..."
"3 days max..."
"if i left right now, it'd come falling down..."
"i'm rock solid. it wouldn't fall..."
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