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Signing Up With Riman

Use this list to get signed up for Riman. When You sign up you will be emailed the link to the workshop and all the information needed for The Wake Up Call Mini Course. Keep this tab open so you can reference it during the Riman sign up process. The button at the bottom will take you to the Riman sign up page. Any questions call me @760.231.3110
1. Go to
2. Click "Sign up" in the top right corner
3. Confirm and agree to Terms and Conditions
4. Enter your referring Representatives number they provided
5. Click "Search" and ensure the correct Rep is listed below
6. Select either "Beauty Customer Enrollment" (to be a customer only) or "Beauty Planner Enrollment" (to be a Representative)
7. Enter your information
8. Click "Search" to find your address
9. Enter your SSN to be able to receive compensation
10. SKIP the "Global Referral"
11. Enter your payment information
12. Click "Sign Up"
13. Take note of your Account Number that populates as you will need it to sign into
14. Sign in
15. Click "Shop"
16. Click "Launch Kit" to select which package you are starting with

The Wake Up Call Mini Course

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